We have offer 5 different size of bonnets, a size chart start newborns and end to the 2-3 years old childs, depending of child's head size. You can see below the size chart:

0-3 m 36 - 39 (XS)

3-6 m 39 - 43 (S)

6-12 m 43- 47 (M)

12-24 m 47 - 50 (L)

2-3 y 50 - 53 (XL)

Choose the right size by measuring child’s current head circumference and then choose the corresponding size from the size chart above. The right measure should be taken from the widest part of the head, about from eyebrow and occipital height. Do not use old measure, because child’s head circumference may change a lot in a short time. Child’s head circumference grows fastest during the first year of age, generally approximately one centimeter per month. After the first year of age growth slows down. The sizes correspond well to their dimensions, so do not choose too large size, unless bonnet is intended to be used at the later age of child. If you are unsure, choose the size always based on head circumference, not age.

The size classifications of our bonnets are the so-called double sizes, which means that hat sizes include several of head circumference. Bonnet fits best on a larger size of the size range. For example, size 43-47 is a bit loose in the size 43, but fits better when head grows to size 47.