Behind the trademark you will find a mother of 4 sons, Maria. I am a passionate craftsman, who loves especially sewing and planning, and I am easily inspired to work with them. For my education I am a clothing artisan, and I have worked earlier at seweries. Today for my day job, I work as an entrepreneur in an industrial sewery. The world of sewing is familiar and close to me. Aamu is a dream that has been for long with me. Aamu is a dream, whose products I've visioned in my mind for a long time. After years of maturing, I registered Aamu Clothing as trade mark at the end of 2019 and I set out to create products alongside with dayjob and family life. Aamu is finnish girl name (it mean in english morning) and Aamu was reserved as a name for girl child in our family. I didn’t want the name to be left unused, so I chose to use it for my company. In the beginning we also made clothes for children, but first bonnets that went on sale were taken out of hand. With the constant demand of bonnets, I decided to leave clothes out of production and focus on bonnets whole heartedly.